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The guide to astrology created by PsychicMarie will teach you how to recognise and interpret the constellations and stars

A guide that teaches you how to recognise and read all the constellations in our skies

You will better understand your zodiac sign

My guide is designed to suit both beginners and advanced users

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Get ready to discover the secrets of astrology!

What my Astrology Guide Includes

  • An introduction to astrology essentials: Learn the foundations of astrology, including its historical origins and its context in modern society.

  • Wisdom beyond your sun sign: Explore the more complex astrological associations on your birth chart, including nodes, moon signs, the influences of planets, and more.

  • Astrology for everyone: Discover an open-minded approach to astrological concepts that helps make the wisdom of the cosmos accessible to everyone.
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The Complete Guide to Astrology by PsychicMarie

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A Complete Guide to Astrology for Beginners and Advanced Users

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Based on scientific research

A Complete Approach to Astrology

Suitable for all

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Sarah Johnson, New York, NY


This astrology guide is exactly what I needed! As a beginner, I found the explanations very clear and accessible, with plenty of practical examples that helped me understand the basic concepts. At the same time, the advanced section is incredibly thorough and provided a lot of new information and food for thought even for my mother, who has been studying astrology for years. I highly recommend this guide to anyone interested in astrology, regardless of their level of experience.

Sofia Thompson, Los Angeles, CA


I was impressed by how comprehensive and easy to follow this guide is. The first pages are perfect for someone like me, who is just starting out in the world of astrology. Each topic is carefully covered and explained in a simple way. Then, as you progress, the content becomes more complex and detailed, offering insights that will surely satisfy even the most experienced astrologers. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Emily Davis, Chicago, IL


One of the best astrology guides I have ever read! The book is well-structured, with clear sections dedicated to both beginners and advanced users. I particularly appreciated the diagrams and tables that make it easier to understand the various planetary positions and their influences. The only small drawback is that I would have liked a few more practical examples in the advanced section, but overall, it is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to deepen their astrological knowledge.

David Martinez, Houston, TX


This book is a real gem for astrology enthusiasts! As a professional astrologer, I am always looking for texts that can both update me and provide new perspectives. This guide manages to do both. The explanations for beginners are detailed without being overly technical, perfect for those just starting out. The advanced sections, on the other hand, explore complex topics in an exhaustive manner, offering plenty of material to reflect on and work with. Highly recommended!


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